Bill and Ruth's Book List
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Raised on Radio

Tippy Truck Road Works

Truck Trouble

Reading Lolita in Tehran

The Bangalore Detectives Club

An Imaginary Tale

The Chief

The Patriarch

Selected Poetry of Ogden Nash

Ahab's Wife

Treasures of Tutankhamun

Essential Visual History of World Mythology

Historical Atlas of the United States

The Builders

This England

Royal Faces

The Cat Who Saved Books

The Women of Brewster Place


Georgia's Stone Mountain

An Island to Myself

Lucy Dove

The Enchanted Castle and Five Children and It

The Story of the Treasure Seekers

Best-Ever Cookies

The Archimedes Codex

The Expressmen

The Soldiers

The Texans

The Newberry 125

Drawing A Cat

World Of Mathematics

The Newton Boys

The White Indian Boy


A Taxonomy Of Barnacles

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Her Fearful Symmetry: A Novel

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

The Moon's a Balloon

A Hole in Space

A World out of Time

All the Myriad Ways

Flight of the Horse



Ringworld Throne

Tales of Known Space

The Ringworld Engineers

The World of Ptavvs

The Man-Kzin Wars

Man-Kzin Wars II

The Magic Goes Away


The Mote in God's Eye

Man-Kzin Wars IV


Antonio Gaudi

Player's Handbook II (Dungeons & Dragons D20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)



Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards II

Bed-Knob and Broomstick

The Borrowers

The Borrowers Afield

The Borrowers Afloat

The Borrowers Aloft

The Borrowers Avenged

Peter Norton's Assembly Language Book for the IBM PC

Underwater to Get out of the Rain

British Museum Souvenir Guide

Twelve Days of Christmas

The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club

The Creationists

Seachable list at

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