Veronica Mars: Season 1
United Paramount Network (UPN) (2004)
TV Series  /  Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
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IMDB   8.4
935 mins USA / English
Kristen Bell Veronica Mars
Enrico Colantoni Keith Mars
Teddy Dunn Duncan Kane
Francis Capra Eli 'Weevil' Navarro
Jason Dohring Logan Echolls
Percy Daggs III Wallace Fennel
Sydney Tamiia Poitier Mallory Dent
Amanda Seyfried Lilly Kane
Ryan Hansen Dick Casablancas
Lisa Thornhill Celeste Kane
Kyle Secor Jake Kane
Harry Hamlin Aaron Echolls
Brandon Hillock Deputy Jerry Sacks
Duane Daniels Van Clemmons
Daran Norris Cliff McCormack
Bradley Joseph Felix Toombs
Max Greenfield Leo D'Amato
Corinne Bohrer Lianne Mars
Christopher B. Duncan Clarence Wiedman
Alona Tal Meg Manning
Nick Marck
Marcos Siega
Michael Fields
John T. Kretchmer
Producer Jennifer Gwartz
Paul Kurta
Joel Silver
Danielle Stokdyk
Writer Rob Thomas
Dayna Lynne North
Diane Ruggiero
Jed Seidel
Cinematography Victor Hammer
Joaquin Sedillo
Musician Josh Kramon

In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful make the rules. Unfortunately for them, there's Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 17-year-old apprentice private investigator. During the day, Veronica must negotiate high school like any average teenage girl. But at night, she helps with her father's struggling private investigator business.
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    9/22/2004  1.  Pilot
While trying to navigate the everyday drama of high school, the smart, fearless, 17-year-old Veronica Mars also moonlights as an apprentice private investigator out to solve her wealthy town of Neptune's toughest mysteries. After coming to the aid of the new kid, sophomore Wallace Fennel, who's been duct-taped to the school's flagpole, Veronica ends up incurring the wrath of the thugs who put him there, Eli "Weevil" Navarro and his P.C.H. Biker Boyz. To get Weevil and his gang off her and Wallace's case, Veronica devises an intricate plan that helps some of Weevil's cronies avoid trouble with the law. Meanwhile, defying her father, Keith Mars, the disgraced former sheriff turned private eye, Veronica pursues a late-night case of adultery against billionaire Jake Kane, only to make an unsettling discovery about her mother, who abandoned Veronica and Keith a year ago.
Director:  Mark Piznarski  Writer:  Rob Thomas 
Guest starring:  Michael MuhneyDuane Daniels, Patrick Wolfe, Kirk Fogg, Benito Paje, Randy Seidman, Ruth Stehle, Linda Castro, Tom McCafferty,  Jonathan Chesner, Mark Styles, Zac Henry, Elvin Lai, Nicole Monica, David E. Taylor, Seraina Jacqueline, Amber Ojeda, Chris Wiley, Heather Britt
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    9/28/2004  2.  Credit Where Credit's Due
Veronica doesn't believe the evidence adds up against Weevil, who has confessed to stealing credit card applications from Logan's family, and launches an investigation to help her new ally. Meanwhile, after joining Ms. Mallory Dent's newspaper class, Veronica clashes with socialite Caitlin Ford, Logan's bombshell girlfriend, but is intrigued by the attention shown to her by another wealthy student, Troy Vandegraff, a friend of ex-boyfriend Duncan. Later, Veronica learns that Lilly got a ticket driving her car on the day she died -- two hours after her supposed time of death.
Director:  Mark Piznarski  Writer:  Rob Thomas 
Guest starring:  Paris Hilton,  Michael MuhneyAaron Ashmore, Wilmer Calderon, Irene Olga Lopez, Zadran Wali, Tina Molina, Seraina Jacqueline, William Corkery, Leslie Durso
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    10/12/2004  3.  Meet John Smith
With only a commonplace name, an old address and dim memories as leads, Veronica and Wallace attempt to help classmate Justin Smith find his father John, who disappeared 10 years earlier. Meanwhile, as Veronica faces some complicated feelings towards ex-boyfriend Duncan and new romantic interest Troy, guidance counselor Rebecca James calls Keith to the school to discuss the recent, dramatic changes in his daughter's life. Later, Duncan struggles with ways to cope with his sister's death as the anniversary of her murder approaches.
Director:  Harry Winer  Writer:  Jed Seidel 
Guest starring:  Melissa LeoAaron Ashmore, Bobby Edner,  Paula Marshall, Andrew Levy, Harrison Myers, Christopher Fairbanks, Eric Beck, Michelle Fabiano, Alison MacInnis, Darline Ann Harris, Cassie Benavidez, Norman Mackinnon
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    10/19/2004  4.  The Wrath of Con
In an effort to help Wallace's new crush Georgia, who was duped out of her money in an internet scheme, Veronica must outwit a group of computer "thugs," known as the Silicon Mafia. Meanwhile, Keith makes Veronica introduce him to her new boyfriend Troy before allowing her to go to the homecoming dance with him. Later, Logan helps Duncan edit together a memorial video for a school dedication ceremony marking the one-year anniversary of Lilly's death. The dance and the video bring back Veronica's memories of when the four of them were friends.
Director:  Michael Fields  Writer:  Diane Ruggiero 
Guest starring:  Kyla Pratt,  Aaron Ashmore, Alexander Scarlis, Adam Wylie, Nat McCormick, Tracy Littlejohn, Brennan Taylor, Robert Gunton,  Robert Baker, Phillip Andre Botello, April Doctolero
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    10/26/2004  5.  You Think You Know Somebody
Veronica tries to help her new boyfriend Troy find his father's stolen car and turns to Weevil for assistance, but the situation becomes dangerous when she discovers that Logan and Troy's buddy Luke might have left more than a piata in the car after their night out in Tijuana. While Keith has accepted that his wife is gone and begins dating school guidance counselor Rebecca James, Veronica continues to secretly investigate her mother's whereabouts, leading her to stumble on a secret Lianne Mars was keeping.
Director:  Nick Gomez  Writer:  Dayna North  /  Dayna Lynne North 
Guest starring:  Paula MarshallAaron AshmoreSam Huntington, Deron McBee, Chris Salcedo, Hector Atreyu Ruiz, Melissa R. Martin, William Randolph Roberts, Elaine Brammell, Ryan Drummond, Olivia Pence
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    11/2/2004  6.  Return of the Kane
Veronica investigates possible fraud in the election of student council president at school after Duncan wins, beating a more popular, but less affluent student who promised to eliminate the wealthy students' on-campus perks. Meanwhile, Logan causes a public relations nightmare for his movie star parents Aaron and Lynn Echolls when footage of him organizing boxing matches between homeless men is posted on the internet and leaked to the media. Later, Veronica and Keith learn that the man who admitted to murdering Lilly is set to be executed, but a second look at crime scene photographs puts his confession in question.
Director:  Sarah Pia Anderson  Writer:  Phil Klemmer 
Guest starring:  Lisa Rinna, Rachel Roth, Reginald Ballard,  Jane LynchDuane DanielsAmanda Noret, Graham Sterling, Brigitte Graham,  Jonathan Chesner, Drancy Jackson, Brad Surosky, Andrea Rosenthal, Carey Scott
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    11/9/2004  7.  The Girl Next Door
Veronica becomes suspicious when a young pregnant woman who lives in their apartment complex with her volatile boyfriend suddenly disappears; fearing the worst, Keith steps in to help his daughter investigate this case for the girl's estranged parents. Meanwhile, Logan and Weevil get thrown into detention together after arguing with a teacher, leading the rivals to discover some surprising things in common. Later, while working on an alumni photo project in her journalism class, Veronica is shocked to discover in the '79 yearbook that her mother and Jake Kane were high-school sweethearts.
Director:  Nick Marck  / Jed Seidel  Writer:  Diane Ruggiero  /  Jed Seidel 
Guest starring:  Jessica Chastain, Adam Kaufman,  Steven Williams, Bonita Friedericy, Eve Gordon, Cameron Bender, Deborah Zoe,  Duane Daniels, John J. York, Linda Castro, Jon Michael Souza
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    11/23/2004  8.  Like a Virgin
To help restore a cheerleader's ruined reputation, Veronica turns to funky computer geek Mac to find the hacker responsible for leaking the embarrassing, private results of a popular online "purity test" to all of Neptune High. Meanwhile, Keith helps Wallace and his mom with an unruly tenant in their building. Later, to get answers about Lilly's murder, Veronica attempts to visit Lilly's confessed, condemned killer Abel Koontz in prison.
Director:  Guy Norman Bee  Writer:  Aury Wallington 
Guest starring:  Robert Dobrev, Mike King, Gwendolyn Oliver, Daniel Bess, Carl Bresk, Daniel C. Baisden, Reuben D'Anthony, Karenssa Legear, Annie Abrams, Anastasia Baranova,  Tina MajorinoChristian Clemenson, Erica Gimpel, Shanna Collins, Joel Bissonnette, Linda Castro
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    11/30/2004  9.  Drinking the Kool-Aid
The wealthy parents of a Neptune High senior hire Keith and Veronica to investigate a cult-like group and its charismatic leader after their son Casey moves out to live on the collective farm. Meanwhile, Veronica attempts to get to the bottom of Abel Koontz' claim that her real father is Jake Kane.
Director:  Marcos Siega  Writer:  Russell Smith 
Guest starring:  Ray Proscia, Linda Castro, Inger Tudor,  Albie Selznick, Courtnee Draper, Farhang Pernoon, Max Bernstein, Tristan Poje,  Chris William Martin, Jonathan Bennett, Tiffany Loui, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Rebecca Kitt, Amy Laughlin
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    12/14/2004  10.  An Echolls Family Christmas
When Weevil's poker winnings go missing after a game at Logan's place, Veronica questions each player to piece together the evening's events and catch the thief. Meanwhile, on the eve of the Echolls' annual Christmas party extravaganza, Keith is hired by Lynn Echolls to track down one of her husband Aaron's potential stalkers.
Director:  Nick Marck  Writer:  Diane Ruggiero 
Guest starring:  Jake Arnette, Kimberly Stanphill,  Paul Ganus, Alex Fatovich, Kevin Brando, Cara Christensen, Chris Christensen, Shannon Beth Coogan, Robert Matthew Hoglund, Helen Taylor Ryu, Sandra Rice, Philip A. Tesoro, Lisa Rinna, Kevin Sheridan, Travis Schuldt, Emmanuelle Vaugi
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    1/4/2005  11.  Silence of the Lamb
Veronica uncovers information that her fellow outcast Mac was switched at birth with a more affluent student, causing Veronica to examine her own questions about whom her real father may be. Meanwhile, a serial killer has resurfaced in Neptune forcing Sheriff Lamb to forge a reluctant, tense partnership with Keith. Later, Veronica flirts with a handsome young rookie at the sheriff's department to obtain more information on Lilly's murder.
Director:  John T. Kretchmer  Writer:  Dayna North  /  Jed Seidel  /  Dayna Lynne North 
Guest starring:  Erin Cronican, Jared Hillman, David Kyl-Brown,  Tina MajorinoMichael MuhneyAaron PaulSteve Monroe, Carlie Westerman, Jeff Rector, Katie Leclerc, Seraina Jacqueline, Amber Ojeda, Michael Drummond, Courtney Gebhart, Michael Canaan, Justin Lang, Misty Connelly, Amanda
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    1/11/2005  12.  Clash of the Tritons
When a family accuses Veronica of providing a fake ID to their son, now in an alcohol-induced coma, and files suit, the search to find who's really responsible leads Veronica to a clandestine, exclusive organization operating on Neptune High's campus with a possible connection to Duncan. Meanwhile, Aaron Echolls hires Keith to find out who's been supplying pictures to the tabloids that have humiliated his wife Lynn. Later, Veronica bugs Ms. James' office to eavesdrop on grief counseling sessions, and learns some surprising information about her friends.
Director:  David Barrett  Writer:  Aury Wallington  / Philip Klemmer 
Guest starring:  Lisa Rinna,  Michael Muhney, J.D. Pardo,  Paula MarshallPatrick Wolff, Carl Bresk, Mark O'Leary, Tim Altbaum, Sean Sedgwick, Josh Temple, Monique Gaffney
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    2/8/2005  13.  Lord of the Bling
After being hired by hip-hop heavyweight Percy "Bone" Hamilton to find his kidnapped daughter, Veronica and Keith look to the music mogul's long list of enemies, family members and the girl's Neptune High social circle for clues on her whereabouts. Meanwhile, following Lynn Echolls' apparent suicide, Logan cynically endures his father Aaron's effusive displays of grief as they prepare for her memorial ceremony.
Director:  Steve Gomer  Writer:  John Enbom 
Guest starring:  Ray Auxias, Ken Merckx,  Paul Ganus, Bryan Handy, Monique Coleman,  Bruce NozickAnthony Anderson, Sam Sarpong, Shari Headley, Jowharah Jones,  Jermaine Williams, Fabiola Francesca
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    2/15/2005  14.  Mars vs. Mars
When one of Neptune High's haughtier students brings a sexual harassment suit against a favorite teacher, Veronica finds herself pitted against her father when the girl's parents hire Keith to help in their case. Meanwhile, with the tabloids claiming his mom is still alive, Logan turns to Veronica to help him track down the truth. Later, Veronica discovers more unsettling information about Duncan's hidden medical condition.
Director:  Marcos Siega  Writer:  Diane Ruggiero  /  Jed Seidel 
Guest starring:  Leighton MeesterChristian Clemenson, Christine Lakin, Lisa Long,  Adam Scott, Benito Paje, Melissa R. Martin, Leigh Scarritt, Deborah Vancelette, Amber Ojeda, Deana Tucker, Eric Beck, Mike Gaarde
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    2/22/2005  15.  Ruskie Business
Veronica surprisingly finds herself working as a "love detective" when she's asked to track down her friend Meg's secret admirer and a Russian bride's estranged fiancé. Meanwhile, after discovering that one of Lynn Echolls' credit cards is in use, Veronica and Logan go to a Los Angeles hotel in hopes of finding her or a clue.
Director:  Guy Norman Bee  Writer:  John Enbom  /  Phil Klemmer 
Guest starring:  Alyson Hannigan, Cynthia Lamontagne,  Zachery Ty Bryan, William Regan, Charley Rossman, Scott Michael Morgan, Paul D. Roberts, Marat Oyvetsky
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    3/29/2005  16.  Betty and Veronica
Following an emotional reunion with her mother, Veronica is hired to track down Neptune High's beloved mascot, Polly the Parrot, which was apparently kidnapped by a rival school on the eve of a big basketball game. Meanwhile, with her suspicions about the Kane family rekindled, Veronica attempts to gain access to her father's original interrogation tapes. Later, Veronica's relationship with Deputy Leo heats up, as does Meg's relationship with Duncan.
Director:  Michael Fields  Writer:  Diane Ruggiero 
Guest starring:  Kyle Searles, Chris Babers, Billie Jones, Andy Morrow, Paityn James, Jerry Zatarain, Carl Bresk, Adam Gorelick, Corey Mitchell Bringas
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    4/5/2005  17.  Kanes and Abel's
Veronica investigates who at school is doing everything possible to distract Sabrina from studying and wreck her grades in an obvious attempt to sabotage her chances at becoming valedictorian. Meanwhile, an unsavory, rival private investigator makes Keith a business offer. Later, Veronica pursues a risky lead that could discredit Abel Koontz's confession, as Logan stumbles onto her detailed files on everyone connected to Lilly's murder.
Director:  Nick Marck  Writer:  Carolyn Murray 
Guest starring:  Erin Chambers, Megan Henning,  Ken MarinoZachery Ty Bryan, Leonard Wu, Lisa Long,  Nelson MashitaBeverly Sanders, Lisa Terry, Lorelei Shellist, Kathleen Parker, Randy Seidman
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    4/12/2005  18.  Weapons of Class Destruction
A series of fire drills leads Veronica to discover that Neptune High has been receiving bomb threats, so she enlists Wallace and Mac's help to investigate classmates who could pose a serious threat to the school, including new student Ben. Meanwhile, Keith stuns Veronica with the news of who he's been secretly dating. Later, Duncan confronts Veronica about her ongoing investigation into his sister's death.
Director:  John T. Kretchmer  Writer:  Jed Seidel 
Guest starring:  Jonathan Taylor ThomasTina Majorino, Erica Gimpel, Theo Rossi, Michael McMillian,  Joey Lauren AdamsJonathan Chesner, Linda Castro, Alicia Col, Anneka Nishijima
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    4/19/2005  19.  Hot Dogs
While helping her classmate Mandy search for her missing Jack Russell terrier, Veronica stumbles onto a bigger mystery, which affects pets all over Neptune. Meanwhile, tensions mount in the Echolls family as Trina tries to convince the now-retired Aaron to take a part in her new boyfriend's independent movie. Later, Weevil is arrested for breaking into the Kane residence and taking something from Lilly's room.
Director:  Nick Marck  Writer:  Dayna North  /  Dayna Lynne North 
Guest starring:  Alyson HanniganMatthew Carey, Jeff Parise, Claire Titelman, Theodore R. Mercer Jr., Roy Werner, Carlos Cervantes, Arturo Medina, Jesse C. Boyd, Virginia Hawkins, Janice McQueen
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    4/26/2005  20.  M.A.D.
When a classmate's boyfriend threatens to post a humiliating video of the girl online if she dumps him, Veronica helps her concoct a scheme to ensure "mutually assured destruction" if he doesn't allow the relationship to end peacefully. Meanwhile, Keith begins to search for Duncan after his parents post a huge reward for information on his whereabouts. Later, as her secret new relationship heats up, Veronica learns a disturbing new fact about the night that she was drugged and assaulted.
Director:  John T. Kretchmer  Writer:  John Enbom  /  Phil Klemmer 
Guest starring:  Tina Majorino, Jeff D'Agostino, Erica Gimpel, Natalia Baron,  Kyle Gallner, Martin Yu, Nat McCormick, Ameenah Kaplan, Juan Monsalvez, Anne Tran, Andre Boyer
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    5/3/2005  21.  A Trip to the Dentist
Determined to get to the truth behind who drugged and assaulted her at a party the year before, Veronica questions her friends and many rivals about the chain of events that night at Shelley Pomroy's house. Meanwhile, when one of Veronica and Wallace's stunts affects her job at Kane Software, Alicia confronts Keith about his daughter's behavior. Later, in an attempt to get closer to his son, Aaron throws a birthday party for Logan that inadvertently surprises everyone.
Director:  Marcos Siega  Writer:  Diane Ruggiero 
Guest starring:  Jonathan Bennett,  Sam Huntington, Kevin Sheridan, Erica Gimpel,  Leighton MeesterKyle Gallner, Daniel Bess, Jennifer Gareis,  Amanda Noret, Melissa Hoover, Billie Jones, Antonio Jaramillo, Carl Bresk
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    5/10/2005  22.  Leave It to Beaver
In the shocking, action-packed season finale, a determined Veronica must betray someone she cares deeply about in order to solve the season-long mystery of who murdered her best friend Lilly Kane, but what she discovers puts her life in serious danger. Meanwhile, on the eve of a reception for the Governor of Calif., Jake Kane asks Duncan if he really wants to know what happened on the night Lilly died. Later, Keith awaits the results of a paternity test.
Director:  Michael Fields  Writer:  Rob Thomas  /  Diane Ruggiero 
Guest starring:  Kyle Gallner, Michelle Wolff, Erica Gimpel,  Michael Muhney, Jennifer Gareis,  Steve Rankin, Ben Belack, Roy Werner, Boo Arnold, Dan McLellan
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