Kingdom: Season 1
2 Entertain Video (2007)
TV Series  /  Comedy, Drama, Action
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IMDB   7.9
276 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 1
Stephen Fry Peter Kingdom
Celia Imrie Gloria Millington
Phyllida Law Aunt Auriel
Hermione Norris Beatrice Kingdom
Tony Slattery Sidney Snell
Karl Davies Lyle Anderson
Maryann Turner Mrs. Thing
Tom Fisher Ted
Gerard Horan D.C. Yelland
Stephen Marcus Hill
Dominic Mafham Simon Kingdom
Paul Kaye Alan McEwan
Angus Imrie Scott Millington
Ann Penfold Mrs. Waller
Martin Ballantyne Spectator
Colin Farrell Mr. Waller
Joss Ackland Mr. John Narbutowicz
Roger Frost Rescue Man / Taxi Driver
Steve Pemberton Jack Thriplow
Luke Mably Mark
Metin Hüseyin
Robin Shepperd
Sandy Johnson
Producer Stephen Fry
Alan Moloney
Gina Carter
Georgina Lowe
Writer Alan Whiting
Simon Wheeler
Jeff Povey
Cinematography Dominic Clemence
Musician Mark Russell

In his first drama for ITV since Jeeves and Wooster in the 90s, Stephen Fry plays a delightful village solicitor in Norfolk, in a picturesque setting and living a wonderful listed house while driving an Alvis.

Surrounded by eccentrics including a nymphomaniac syster just out of rehab played by Hermione Norris (Spooks), a dotty aunt in a home (Phyllida Law) and a bizarre collection of local clients.

To top it all, his brother is missing, presumed dead, when his clothes turn up on the beach.
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    4/22/2007  1.  Episode 1
Peter Kingdom is slowly getting his life back on track after the disappearance of his brother six months earlier, but normality is upset when his sister Beatrice moves into his spare room after a spell in rehab. Peter looks into two cases; in one, two sons have returned for the execution of their mother's estate, and in the other, local man Sidney Snell wants to bring action against the local planning authority. As Peter sits down with a drink at the end of the episode, Simon's phone rings.
Director:  Robin Sheppard  Writer:  Alan Whiting 
Guest starring:  Lynsey De Paul, James Thornton,  Maryann TurnerLuke MablyNeil Stuke, Graham Howes, Jo Eastwood, Diana Payan, Katharine Burford
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    4/29/2007  2.  Episode 2
A woman arrives at the offices claiming her ex-employer has stolen her baby. Beatrice causes mayhem by shredding documents and sticking labels to everything. Peter has the call to Simon's phone traced, learning that it came from an anonymous international number. He has a heart-to-heart with Auriel as the locals prepare for the 127th annual Dyke Leaping Championships. Peter discovers Simon's driving licence is in the name of "Christopher Waller", a deceased client.
Director:  Robin Sheppard  Writer:  Alan Whiting 
Guest starring:  Steve Pemberton, Katrine De Candole,  Martin BallantyneMaryann Turner
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    5/6/2007  3.  Episode 3
A father and his son come to Peter after their insurers refuse to pay when their fishing boat is destroyed in an explosion. Lyle investigates further, discovering that the father once served a prison sentence for insurance fraud. Beatrice meets a local artist, Alan, and joins his life class as the model. The council takes revenge on Snell after his many small plots of land prevent them from building anything. Peter meets Christopher Waller's parents when he finds out that Simon's bank account has been regularly paying out to them.
Director:  Metin Hüseyin  Writer:  Jeff Povey 
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    5/13/2007  4.  Episode 4
A girl's parents retain Peter to sue Cambridge University because she has not been offered a place. Peter visits his old tutor to investigate and learns that Simon contacted him for money shortly before he disappeared. Gloria is upset because it is a year since her husband died, and her son is picked up by the police for breaking windows in the town. Lyle assists Snell in a scheme to stop the gas company building on a piece of local grazing land. Beatrice uses Lyle to win back Alan, but on discovering that Alan has again been cheating on his sister Peter confronts him.
Director:  Metin Hüseyin  Writer:  Alan Whiting 
Guest starring:  Maryann Turner, Meera Syall,  Angus ImrieRichard Wilson
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    5/20/2007  5.  Episode 5
Peter takes on the case of a woman who wants to divorce her husband after discovering his transvestism, while Lyle agrees to represent a horse owner against Romany travellers, only to later take the travellers' side. During a lucid spell, Beatrice confronts Peter to find out what he knows about Simon's disappearance. A windfall allows Peter to pay off Simon's gambling debts, but upon doing so he is told that this will not be the end of the matter.
Director:  Sandy Johnson  Writer:  Jeff Povey 
Guest starring:  Gerard Horan, Thomas Fisher,  Claire SkinnerRobert Bathurst, Alan Stocks,  Stephen MarcusAngus ImrieMaryann Turner
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    5/27/2007  6.  Episode 6
Peter learns Lyle intends to take a city job and hands him the case of an Auschwitz survivor who has received multiple eviction notices from the council. The man's story emotionally drains Lyle and when the eviction order is dropped he decides to stay. Beatrice decides to "bond" with Gloria as Peter meets the Wallers again and later discovers that someone else tried to pay off Simon's debts. A pregnant woman arrives at the office, revealing Simon is the father, and that it happened after his supposed death. Beatrice joins Peter on Simon's beach.
Director:  Sandy Johnson  Writer:  Alan Whiting 
Guest starring:  Kelly CampbellStephen MarcusAnn Penfold, Col Farrell, Joss Ackland (Mr. John Narbutowicz), Thomas L. Fisher, Scott Joseph, Rory Bremner
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