Box set: The Office (US): Complete Collection
Barcode 191329056486
Release Date 6/12/2018

The Office (US): Season 9
Reveille Productions (2012)
TV Series  /  Comedy
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IMDB   9.0
599 mins USA / English
Leslie David Baker Stanley Hudson
John Krasinski Jim Halpert
Rainn Wilson Dwight Schrute
Craig Robinson Darryl Philbin
Oscar Nunez Oscar Martinez
Jenna Fischer Pam Beesly
Ellie Kemper Erin Hannon
Phyllis Smith Phyllis Vance
Brian Baumgartner Kevin Malone
Angela Kinsey Angela Martin-Lipton
Catherine Tate Nellie Bertram
Creed Bratton Creed Bratton
Kate Flannery Meredith Palmer
Jake Lacy Pete Miller
Clark Duke Clark
Ed Helms Andy Bernard
Paul Lieberstein Toby Flenderson
Andy Buckley David Wallace
Jack Coleman State Senator Rob Lipton
Nora Kirkpatrick Esther
Matt Sohn
David Rogers
Paul Lieberstein
Rodman Flender
Producer Greg Daniels
Gabe Miller
Steve Burgess
David Rogers
Writer Greg Daniels
Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Daniel Chun
Cinematography Matt Sohn
Sarah Levy

A fresh and funny mockumentary-style glimpse into the daily interactions of the eccentric workers at the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company. This fast-paced comedy parodies contemporary American water-cooler culture.
    Seen it: Yes   23 mins    9/20/2012  1.  New Guys
Dwight and Jim are intimidated by the office's newest additions, who are considered younger versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Andy tries to make Nellie's life miserable, and Angela tries to get rid of one of her cats.
    Seen it: Yes   23 mins    9/27/2012  2.  Roy's Wedding
After Roy's wedding, Jim and Pam wonder if they still have any secrets they're hiding from each other. Meanwhile, Clark tricks Erin into a "news audition," and Dwight challenges Nellie's new charity initiative.
    Seen it: Yes   23 mins    10/4/2012  3.  Andy's Ancestry
Nellie plays a trick on Andy after researching his ancestry, Dwight teaches Erin a new language, and Pam tries to teach Nellie how to drive.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    10/18/2012  4.  Work Bus
When Jim convinces Dwight that the building is unsafe, Dwight rents a bus and sets up the office inside. Nellie asks for Andy's help in adopting a baby. Meanwhile, Jim tries to make Pam happy with some pie.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    10/25/2012  5.  Here Comes Treble
On Halloween, the Cornell a Capella group pays a visit to Andy, Dwight discovers that Nellie takes anxiety pills, and Pam disapproves of Jim's business decision.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    11/8/2012  6.  The Boat
Andy has one last chance to captain the family boat before he sells it, Jim, Pam, and Nellie prank Dwight with a radio interview, and Kevin finds out about Oscar's affair with Angela's husband.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    11/15/2012  7.  The Whale
The office trains Dwight to sell to a female client without being offensive, only to discover that the client is Jan Levinson. Angela and Oscar both think the senator is cheating on them, and Jim has trouble on an important conference call.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    11/29/2012  8.  The Target
Angela orders a hit on Oscar for cheating with her husband, the office makes a tower with their customer complaint cards, Jim wines and dines Stanley and Phyllis in exchange for a favor, and Pam begins her mural.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    12/6/2012  9.  Dwight Christmas
Dwight puts together a Pennsylvania Dutch-themed office Christmas party, but he ends it abruptly because Jim has to leave for his other job. Meanwhile, Erin seeks comfort from a co-worker after a disappointing text from Andy.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    1/10/2013  10.  Lice
Pam causes a lice outbreak but lets Meredith take the blame, Jim has a business meeting with Dr. J, and some coworkers try to get Darryl and Val back together.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    1/17/2013  11.  Suit Warehouse
Dwight and Clark pose as father and son to get an account, Darryl goes for an interview with Jim's new business, and everybody in the office goes crazy over a new espresso machine.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    1/24/2013  12.  Customer Loyalty
Dwight tries to keep Darryl from leaving Dunder Mifflin, Jim misses his daughter's recital because of an important business meeting, and Nellie is worried that Erin will dump Andy for Pete.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    1/31/2013  13.  Junior Salesman
Dwight gets to hire a new salesman to replace Jim when he is at his other job. But will he promote Clark or go with one of his unqualified friends instead?
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    1/31/2013  14.  Vandalism
Pam tries to find out who vandalized her mural, Darryl finds out that Jim is a slob, and Oscar and Kevin go to Angela and The Senator's child's first birthday party.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    2/7/2013  15.  Couples Discount
Andy returns after three months to an angry office and an even angrier girlfriend, and Jim's Valentines Day with Pam does not go as planned.
    Seen it: Yes   42 mins    2/14/2013  16.  Moving On
Andy finds out that Erin dumped him for Pete, Dwight gets Angela's help taking care of his aunt, and Pam interviews with a real estate firm whose boss is a carbon-copy of Michael Scott.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    3/14/2013  17.  The Farm
Show follows Dwight Schrute a beet farmer running a bed and breakfast inn.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    4/4/2013  18.  Promos
The release of the documentary promos creates tension for the Dunder Mifflin employees, Dwight considers a business venture with his girlfriend's family, and Jim and Darryl have an awkward business meeting with baseball player Ryan Howard.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    4/11/2013  19.  Stairmageddon
Dwight shoots Stanley with a bull tranquilizer after he refuses to go on a sales call, Jim and Pam head to marriage counseling, The Senator comes out of the closet, and Andy tries to find a talent agent.
    Seen it: Yes   22 mins    4/25/2013  20.  Paper Airplane
The employees hold a paper airplane competition, Andy gets an acting role in a workplace safety video, and Jim and Pam's marriage tensions continue to build.
    Seen it: Yes   42 mins    5/2/2013  21.  Livin' the Dream
Dwight becomes regional manager after Andy quits his job, Jim dedicates more time to his Dunder Mifflin job to save his marriage, and Angela has problems with her new living arrangements after her breakup with The Senator.
    Seen it: Yes   43 mins    5/9/2013  22.  A.A.R.M.
Dwight prepares for a marriage proposal and hires an assistant for his assistant, Andy auditions for a singing program, Darryl tries to leave his job without a fuss, and Pam has second thoughts about Jim staying in Scranton.
    Seen it: Yes   51 mins    5/16/2013  23.  Finale
One year later, Dunder Mifflin employees past and present reunite for a panel discussion about the documentary and to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding.
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